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Regarding the provision of free sample collection services

About products: generally, the following questions need to be agreed. 1. Are the materials the same? 2. Can the printing meet my requirements? 3. Do you want to have the same appearance and shape as you want? 4. Can the performance of the product meet my requirements? If you are concerned about the above issues. You can enjoy the free sample service of sunrise packaging. Sunriser packaging free sample service, that is, sunriser packaging to send you a sample by mail or express, after the sample arrives in your hand, you only need to pay the local freight. (similar to your product or similar samples, the printing color have special requirements, we can print photo paper color copy for you, the final film printed products can reach more than 95% of color photo paper effect) note: if you need samples is exactly like the one you specified product specifications, you may need to pay some sample fee.

I don't know if I can choose less fixed points for the first time. But it's going to be huge.

No problem, for new customers, especially the follow-up with the amount of customers, our price on the tilt, the front two we can accept small order (single order under 5000 square, the price according to mass of settlement), but at the time of the third order quantity need to ask, if still can't the quantity, unit price for appropriate adjustments.

How do you guarantee the stability of quality?

1. We have our own r&d center and laboratory, and each batch of products has undergone strict inspection, including the inspection of raw materials, production process and pre-shipment inspection. 2. The independent accounting technology department and quality department only serve excellent products.

How can you guarantee the delivery date?

We have a special production planning department (5 people) to coordinate the production of orders and release the latest production plan every day. We have a full-time assistant merchandiser, who will inform the customers of the production process in the first time. The company always insists that: no matter how big or small the customers are, as long as the delivery time is promised by the company, the production department must unconditionally complete the company's commitment. We uphold: stick to the promise, we are willing to fight for this life.

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